What is a Harmonic Scanner in Forex?

With the Harmonic Pattern Scanner traders have an advantage in their trade predictions. A harmonic scanner in Forex is a tool that is able to detect such patterns quickly and easily. It’s no secret that Harmonic Patterns appear in the market. There are eight different patterns: the cypher, the shark, the bat, the alternate bat, the crab, deep crab, the butterfly, and the Gartley.

If you are not yet trading profitably, Harmonics.app could be your gateway to profitable trading. The Harmonics.app could be your sidekick in trading the forex market. The harmonic pattern scanner allows you to set your own personalised watchlist on a variation of timeframes. This includes from 5 minutes to 1 month. Giving you patterns across multiple securities and sent directly in-app or to your telegram account.

Being a forex trader, time is extremely crucial; a forex trader can make millions or lose much more determined by their timely or untimely actions. Being the largest market on the surface of the planet – it creates the business activity of nearly 6 trillion USD per day! The market works 24 hours a day Monday to Friday, all around the world. Trading is a demanding career for a retail trader and they must remain vigilant around market change and probable modifications.

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