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In the Chart tab, you can view all real-time patterns for the security of your choice. The patterns are calculated in real-time when you load the chart. Switch to new security or timeframe to recalculate patterns with the new data.

Our scanner offers the following patterns:

Bat Harmonic Pattern
Alternate Bat Harmonic Pattern
Butterfly Harmonic Pattern
Crab Harmonic Pattern
Cypher Harmonic Pattern
Deep Crab Harmonic Pattern
Gartley Harmonic Pattern
Shark Harmonic Pattern
Triangle Traditional Pattern
Wedge Traditional Pattern
Double Top/Bottom Traditional Pattern
Triple Top/Bottom Traditional Pattern
Head and Shoulders Traditional Pattern
Flag Traditional Pattern
Channel Traditional Pattern
Pennant Traditional Pattern
Major Support/Resistance level Traditional Pattern

Use Filter dropdown to hide/show patterns that you want to hide/show. Hide Premature option hides all incomplete patterns which are far away from completion. You can also hide different pattern types or support and resistance levels.

Click on the Solo button next to the pattern that you want to see these levels.

Use the green toggle next to that pattern to hide/show it.

Technical Signal is the aggregate result of multiple technical indicators such as Moving Average, RSI, MACD. It tells you the current state of the market. Please note that this signal does not imply a buy/sell recommendation as indicators are mostly lagging.

Trend field shows whether the market is trending or sideways. A strong trend is ideal for patterns like Triple/Double top/bottom, Head & Shoulders, and Triangle. Harmonic patterns are better for weakly trending market.


In the Monitor tab, you can see a list of all patterns across all securities. There are many filters to help you shorten the list including pattern status, asset class, pattern, pattern type, timeframe and individual securities.

Mature: Patterns that just recently completed 1-4 candles ago and nearly completed patterns. Recommended Option.

Incomplete: All incomplete patterns.

Complete: All complete patterns.

All: All patterns

Yes. Click on View dropdown -> Add a new View. Apply that view the next time you visit the site. View name can’t be longer than 20 characters. Use the same View name to override the old one.