Gold Plan Membership

GOLD member section where you will learn  how to use the scanner, how to use trading platform how to trade and much more!

GOLD Membership Includes

The GOLD membership plan offers you following things:

  • Analysis of the symbols from the scanner
    • understand how the analysis works
    • more details how to use the scanner
    • how to filter the patterns
    • how to use support/resistance levels
  • Multi Time Frame Analysis
  • Find a strategy to become a funded trader
  • Learn the basics from the start about trading
  • Have a mentor who you will follow and learn from
  • Have more examples and details about the scanner
  • NEW – Telegram group with daily analysis and like minded traders where you can share your harmonic patterns and learn from others

Problems to Solve

With GOLD plan you will be able to solve these problems:

  • When to enter into the trade
  • How to use money management
  • Psychology in trading
  • Reduce being stopped out
  • Buy Low, Sell High
  • Risk:Reward ratio calculation
  • Find all confirmation needed to open the trade
  • How to use monitor and notifications in the scanner
  • Learn about the harmonic scanner from beginning

Telegram Group 

As a GOLD member you can access the Telegram group where you get daily analysis if there is Bat pattern on the scanner.

You have other traders who share their harmonic patterns and where you can share your patterns to discuss are they potential successful patterns.

Gold Member Analysis

Check the latest analysis of the harmonic patterns from the scanner.

The analysis shows you all the details on how to prepare a chart for analysis and how to prepare technical tools on the chart to analyze the pattern.

You will learn in practice what is shown in the GOLD lessons about trading and analyzing.

GOLD Analysis

This section shows you how to analyze the patterns from the scanner in more depth.

How to draw support and resistance levels, how to draw trendlines and how to put supply and demand zones.

Then, how to make the analysis and see does the pattern is ok to enter right now or when the price reaches certain level.

Gold Member Lessons

Check the latest lessons on the harmonic patterns from the scanner.

This section has all what you need to learn to be better trader.

Each section, beginner, intermediate or advanced, is populated with new content each month so you can learn more and more how to trade.

Beginners Traders Course

This is the course for a beginners in trading.

Here you will learn how to start trading, what is Forex market and what means trading.

Then you will learn what are basics in trading like:

  • Pip
  • Leverage
  • Margin
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Spread
  • Bid and Ask

When you know basics it is time to learn how to analyze the market. And then how to open a trade and start trading with money and risk management included.

Click the button below to see all the lessons from beginners course.

If you are experienced trader this will help you recall what you know and how knows, maybe you learn something new that will help you in your trading carrer.

Harmonic Scanner Tutorial

In this tutorial you will see all what you need to learn about the scanner. Follow each video and see what you can use in trading with the scanner to make the analysis, to use the tool that exists and to find entry and exit levels from the patterns.

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