Harmonic Pattern Scanner

All what you need to know about harmonic pattern trading with harmonic scanner


This section of the trading education will teach you all you need to know about patterns.

There are harmonic patterns, candlestick patterns, chart patterns which can be used to get trading ideas and to be profitable trader.

Harmonic Patterns

In this part you will learn all about harmonic patterns


Harmonic scanner is a perfect tool which helps you to get a pattern ready for trading. Scanner plots you a pattern on the chart with risk to reward ratio which you can use for trading right away.

Harmonic Scanner

This section will show you all about scanner which you can use in trading

Pattern Trading

How to use scanner in your trading? Having a good strategy is a must because having patterns on their own most of the times will not be enough.

Trading Harmonic Patterns

Take a look into trading strategies you can use with scanner

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