With 200 million monthly active users, Telegram is one of the most popular apps amongst traders around the world. With our Telegram bot, you are now able to receive notifications whenever a pattern in your watchlist completes right on your phone, laptop or whichever devices Telegram supports. Below are the steps to set up notifications on Telegram:

Find our Bot @HarmonicsAppBot On Telegram web version, that link probably won’t work for you. So you have to manually search for @HarmonicsAppBot in the search bar.

When you start the conversation with the bot, it will give some instructions on how to proceed. We will go over that 1 more time here.

Say “Setup notification” to start the process. Our Bot will now ask for your email

Input your email which you used to register on The Bot will now ask for your token for security reason

Go to our platform. Under Account -> My Account, you can find your Authenticated Token. Copy and Paste it in the chat.

If everything is right, you should see a confirmation message at the end “Successfully subscribed to notifications…”

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to log in to the platform, use Watchlist dropdown under Notification tab to add the list of symbols that you want to receive notifications for. You can also use the Settings dropdown to customize your notifications.